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Wheel Balancing in Bracknell, Slough & throughout Berkshire

Wheel balancing is an essential and often overlooked element of car maintenance.  

If your wheel balancing is off it can cause unnatural vibrations in your steering wheel, seat or floor pans.  

Poor wheel balancing can also cause premature and inconsistent tyre, suspension and steering component wear so it is essential for the long term health of your vehicle that it gets sorted.   

Signs of Wheel imbalance

Generally the first sign of poor wheel balance is when the steering wheel involuntarily shakes and wobbles when you go above a certain speed.  

In older car models these vibrations were hard to notice as cars where heavier and could disguise the issue better, but today's cars are lighter and if you have an issue you should be able to notice and feel it.  

Even if you have just the slightest feeling that your car is showing signs of wheel imbalance have it checked by one our fully qualified and experienced mechanics here at Mobile Tyre Fit in Berkshire.  

With road safety and vehicle health it's vitally important to be safe rather than sorry.   



How are wheels balanced?

At Mobile Tyre Fit we have the latest equipment, including a modern wheel balancing machine, to ensure a quick, seamless and high quality result.  

Our machine can measure the imbalance of your tyres and then automatically calculate the weight and location of the balance counter weight perfectly. 

What can cause a wheel imbalance? 

There are several ways a wheel imbalance can happen.  Listed below are the most common reasons:

  • driving over potholes at speed
  • going over speed bumps too quickly
  • driving against a kerb
  • tyre damage

When you get a replacement tyre or have a tyre repaired you should also ensure the wheel gets properly balanced as well.

At Mobile Tyre Fit we have been helping people with their wheel balancing for years - we are positive that after receiving our service you will notice a smoother ride and better wear from your tyres, saving you time, stress and money.  

Give us a call on 07884 111 500 now or send us a message via the contact from to book your appointment.    

We also offer a high quality and affordable vehicle diagnostic and fault finding service.  Give us a call on 0800 5650 733 to find out more.

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